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Because Dirty WIndows are a "Pane in the Glass!"
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No job too challenging!
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A Typical home
No job too challenging!
Three story beach home
Rental of 60' lifts
No space too tight!
Third generation in training.
Bay Point Clients
Another Bay Point Client
We're up for the challenge
About Us-
Business is growing-we are a diversified and expanding company with active crews running in both Northeast Ohio and Northwest Fl the panhandle.  We've got you covered!
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Customer testimonials
Most recently on completion of a residential home on the Bay-the customer raved about how the windows looked brand new.  We ran into him 2 weeks later and he said it has changed the dynamic of the whole home-leaving blinds up now to enjoy the view!
 One of our monthly customers stated she knew the time of the month by the looks of her windows and anxiously awaited our arrival to bring them back to the clarity she has come to appreciate!
More to come...
A Typical homeNo job too challenging!Three story beach homeRental of 60' liftsNo space too tight!Third generation in training.Bay Point ClientsAnother Bay Point ClientWe're up for the challenge